Public nudity, what is the issue?

Imagine a newspaper headline that read “People are forced to be nude.” A lot of people would be shocked. Now this is the headline that accurately states the current state of affairs “People forced to wear clothes.” That shock is how I and many others feel.

“it should be remembered that wearing clothes is the norm in society and a court of law considering decriminalizing nudity needs to recognize the serious implications of such an act.”

That is what was reported in a Calgary newspaper in regards to a man who went through a drive through restaurant, while nude. It should also be remembered that wearing clothes was not always the norm in society and there weren’t any laws forbidding such, until somebody made it up. Such a law can be unmade and  decriminalizing the nude human body should be everybody’s right and is in their best interest. The very thought that my body in its most natural, normal state being criminal is repugnant to me. That every time I bathe, change my clothes or simply just be me, is a criminal act, depending on whether somebody can see me, even at home in my own house, is in itself a law that is incredibly un-just. Law makers, politicians and conservatists, forget that the nude human body in itself is NOT the criminal act, but what you do with it. That simply walking around and carrying about your daily life is not different when clothed or nude. It is exactly the same. If somebody makes a nuisance of themselves while nude, they can do the same while clothed. Are we starting to get the picture? In other words, there are already laws in place which protect people from other people who want to be trouble makers. Simply being nude anywhere, is not being a nuisance, it is being human.

Please also remember that there were many societies in the past (and few still remain) where nudity is normal. Many of the pacific islands were nations where nudity was normal. Many tribes around the globes all had the same nude community standard, from Africa, to South America. It wasn’t until religious missionaries came and forced them to get clothed, or made them feel guilty about their nudity. For countless generations in these places, found nudity as an idyllic way of life. No one was offended, no was harmed, no one was exploited. It was normal and natural.

It wasn’t until that “guilt” was introduced that their beautiful and idyllic lifestyles were taken away. In many of these societies where nudity is still the norm, you will find that sex crimes are pretty much non-existent.  Even the Japanese had communal bathing were men, women and children all bathed nude together up until 1890 when a law was introduced to ban men and women bathing together.

You may have read  what happened in America during the alcohol prohibition era. It was a total failure. So is the nudity prohibition of today. It is a total failure. Yet still they are calling for more bans, tougher laws, and more punishment. History has shown that any ban won’t make the situation better, but will just make it worse.

The article continues with “Nor does the argument take into account the fact that the overwhelming majority of people do not want to see their fellow citizens walking naked down city streets.”


With social networking and the large scale sharing of photos, it has become abundantly clear that community standards have either changed or where incorrectly assessed in the first place. It appears that people are far more accepting of nudity than the loud anti-nude lobby would have you think. They are screaming and complaining about nudity, but the fact that so many people are doing it just shows that people are not worried by nudity as first thought.  It also means that maybe laws should be changed to reflect the “new community standard”.

Currently people who are nude in public can at any moment be arrested (and usually it happens more swiftly than somebody stealing your car or robbing your house) and branded a criminal, all because they made a clothing choice.

People are so polarised by this argument. Those against nudity, are so vehemently against it, are so irrational in their behaviour and so violent in their response, that in their eye, nudity is the worst thing you can do. Their response is so strong that it is almost pavlovian. Makes you wonder if it has been beaten into them. It certainly is a conditioned response, because if asked why they think that way, their answer will usually be “just because it is” or “the overwhelming majority of people do not want to see their fellow citizens walking naked down city streets.”

Why is public nudity banned? There are many reasons. The most recent is Barcelona Spain. For many years it has been a place where full nudity has been legally acceptable. A newspaper reports that has changed.

“Local officials in Barcelona, Spain, have passed a law that prohibits partial and complete nudity in public in Barcelona, after concerns that uncovered tourists are increasingly becoming a sore sight on the streets of the city. 

Due to its proximity to the beach, authorities are worried by the number of people that walk straight into historical and residential areas without bothering to dress properly, which might be damaging to the local tourism industry. “

The key words are “damaging to the local tourism industry” in other words money motivation. Quite often public nudity is banned due to money or a way of controlling  people.

A matter of class. When clothed, we start to create certain rules in regards to dress. We can force certain people to wear certain clothing, to remind them that they are subservient to others. Uniforms are such. It is a way for everyone in society to see that a person wearing a certain uniform means they serve another. The ultra wealthy show that they are ultra wealthy by wearing clothing that no normal human being can ever afford in a lifetime. There by stating that they are above everyone. You will never find the ultra wealthy wear any kind of uniform (other than extremely expensive business suit). Nudity is the great equaliser. While nude, it becomes less apparent who serves who or who is wealthier than another. True clothing is can be used to protect us from the elements and sometimes it is an issue of safety (such as welding or working in dangerous situations), but those are due to certain types of work and usually common sense. However all other times we should have the right to be nude should we choose it. Just as I can decide to wear a t-shirt and shirt one day, I should have the choice to be nude another.

Some would state that nudity offends people. Excuse me. Did I just hear this correctly? Did somebody say it offends? I find bad body odour offensive, I find people who push in line in queues to be offensive, I find horrible music offensive, and chewing gum under tables offensive, I find many things offensive, but do I call a unilateral ban on any of these? Do we set up mandatory wash stations to force those with bad body odour to bathe even if it is against their will? Do we have the “bath police” do sniff patrols? It is absurd. Do we call the police and say “a very smelly person is sitting next to me on the train” please arrest him/her? No we don’t.

We either tell them that they stink and move away, or we get up and move away. We have a choice, they have a choice, and at the very worst, it is inconvenient, that is all it is. So if a nude person sat next to you on a train, you can tell them to move away, because you were there first, or just move away yourself. You and everyone else have that choice. It can be practiced anytime, anywhere, in any situation at all.

The argument that is most used by the anti-nude groups is to hide behind the “to protect the children” argument. They use children like a human shield to try to pass unpalatable laws. The truth is that there are already laws in place to protect children from sexual predators. We are talking about non-sexual nudity in a public place, not sexual predation. Quite often nudity is mistaken for sexual behaviour. Especially in the US and Australia, where nudity is almost always seen as a sexual act in itself. Which I think is a sad state if people truly believe that. If you can lawfully do something while clothed, then you can do the exact same activity nude.

The argument is “I don’t want my children to see naked people” or “they will be hurt by seeing nude people”. If you have children, you will know full well that they don’t care about nudity. They will happily play nude without a care. if they see nude people they just see it as normal. It is the parents own fears and prejudices that are taught and passed down to their children and it is that learnt behaviour that they exhibit. My nephew saw a nude model holding some balloons in a photo. His reaction? Was that he wanted a balloon too. He didn’t care about the nudity. For him it is normal.


There have been many studies done that show, that families with a naturist or nudist lifestyle, had children grow up more comfortable with their on bodies, have less sexual issues and less teenage pregnancies. I don’t want my nephew to see swastikas or the KKK or graphic scenes of a war zone on TV, but they are all important issues that they must learn and as an adult or parent it is our duty to teach. Nudity is no exception. It is a part of who we are. In fact by seeing nude people of all ages, sizes, and races, they will see that they are normal and what they have got is what everyone has. It will help with solving poor body issues and low self esteem. It will show that nobody looks like a perfect mannequin like those portrayed in over airbrushed publications.

In places where public nudity is no longer a criminal activity such as the freedom women now have in New York city and several other places around the world, hasn’t led to wide spread sexual deviancy. It hasn’t corrupted society. Women aren’t now all of a sudden flinging off their shirts and bras and running the streets with their breasts bouncing around. Things are pretty much normal and much the same as before the laws where changed. All it did, was allowed anyone who wanted to enjoy being nude and unencumbered by clothes, to simply do so.


I am not in fact trying to create a nude society where everybody is nude all the time, but I am seeking the decriminalization of nudity and create a choice for people. Those that wish to be nude, can be nude, without being prosecuted or branded criminal, simply for their choice of clothing, or in this case, their choice not to have clothing. It is what we are. We were born this way.


6 Responses to “Public nudity, what is the issue?”

  1. sue Says:

    WHAT WONDERFUL nude musings
    come to us too the only erotic nude spa in the world

  2. Steve F Says:

    I noticed on one of your model’s profile that you plan a series on “Why can’t a woman be topless in the same situation as a man.” When will thi series come out? I am looking forward to seeing it.
    In the U.S. there are a few states where a woman can be topless with the same freedom as a man, but few women take advantage of that freedom. Recently one brave young woman decided to blaze the trail and set an example for other women with a topless afternoon in New York City’s Central Park. I am including the link to her story:
    Check it out! I think you will find it encouraging.

  3. mujikman Says:

    Your series of photos that ask the question, “why can’t a woman be topless in the same situation as a guy” looks to be an interesting one. In the USA there are a few states where a woman can be topless in the same situation as a man, although few women actually take advantage of that perogative. One state where the woman does have this perogative is New York, and recently one woman actually did test the waters for a Sunday afternoon in New York City’s Central Park. I am including the link to this article in case you want to check it out:
    I hope you find it interesting.

    Also, the same author wrote an earlier article about nude modeling and body acceptance. I am including the link to that article as well: I think you’ll appreciate it if you check it out. Maybe you could even persuade her to fly down to Australia for a shoot.

  4. Johann Joss Says:

    I would like to enter a point I never read anywhere: The skin is an important sensory organ of the body. These sensations are stifled by clothes, even worse fed false data. What would you say if earphones with loud noise would be forced on a child. You probably would call this child abuse. I think forcing a child to be clothed should also be called child abuse. Probably cloths are interpreted by the body as shackles. This explains (if correct) the feeling of freedom reported by many nudists.

  5. Agostinho Says:

    Jesus has nailed the sin of Adam and Eve on the cross to redeem us from shame. There is no shame in nudity but if used for immoral purposes it is sin. We have Jesus’ blood-covering upon our bodies. Agostinho.

  6. David Colantuono (@David4Nudist) Says:

    I agree 100% with this article. Why can’t more people see it this way?

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